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Marie S.

“Nurse Neeki is the best of the best. You will not find someone that will be more invested in making sure you get the results you want. She is so kind and caring. Genuinely listens to yours wants expectations; she knows how to properly manage them with ease and grace. She is an absolute expert at her craft.”

Meet Your Injector

Neeki Ostad MSN, FNPP

Neeki holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, Riverside, and subsequently earned a second Bachelor of Science in Nursing, followed by her Masters in Nursing. Her unwavering commitment to aesthetic medicine led her to immerse herself in the field, aspiring to embody the kind of provider she had always hoped to find for herself. As a result, her approach is characterized by its conservatism and dedication to providing transparent recommendations aimed at enhancing one's natural features.

Neeki's expertise has been cultivated through extensive training, including advanced and master level injector courses conducted by renowned industry figures such as Kelly Choi NP-C, Rio Calvert FNP-C, Dr. Gideon Kwok, and Dr. Steve Yoelin. Her experience encompasses an array of dermal fillers available in the market, enabling her to select the most suitable product to achieve your desired outcomes.

Neeki's specialization extends to a comprehensive range of injectable treatments, with a particular emphasis on full-face rejuvenation and a noteworthy reputation for her exceptional lip augmentation techniques. What distinguishes Neeki from her peers is her refined technique and keen attention to detail. At Noir Medical Aesthetics, the foremost objective is to establish an environment where patients feel at ease exploring new possibilities without the apprehension of drastic alterations to their appearance.

NP Neeki's Headshot for Noir medical aesthetics, a med spa located in Carlsbad Village

Medical director

Mark Mofid, MD FACS

Dr. Mofid and Neeki work in collaboration to provide Noir Medical Aesthetics patients with the best in aesthetic treatments using the latest cutting-edge techniques. They achieve impressive results while maintaining patients’ natural looks and are committed to ensuring that patients have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an accomplished surgeon providing San Diego with plastic surgery focused on natural-looking aesthetic improvement. He is double board certified in both Plastic Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Known as an innovator in the field, he has published extensively on facial, breast and body surgery including dozens of peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the most prestigious journals and textbooks in plastic surgery. Dr. Mofid has served on the boards of the elite national and state plastic surgery organizations and is a former president of the San Diego Plastic Surgery Society.




A photo of owner and medical director who is a plastic surgeon,  Doctor Mark Mofid

Practice ManaGer

Annie Ferrer, Licensed Aesthetician

As a practice manager at Noir Medical Aesthetics, Annie brings a unique blend of expertise and passion. 

Annie's journey embarked from a personal battle with acne, which kindled the path to becoming a licensed aesthetician. Prior to her position here at Noir Medical Aesthetics as a practice manager, Annie accumulated valuable experience as a Medical Aesthetician. She specialized in addressing a wide array of skin concerns and conditions. Although she does not offer treatments at our practice, she does offer in office skincare consultations to help our patients feel happy in their skin.

Beyond her skincare expertise, Annie also possesses expert knowledge of marketing strategies. She firmly believes in the importance of knowledge and services as an integral part of the mission. Her marketing skills play a pivotal role in connecting our audience with what Noir Medical Aesthetics has to offer our patients.

At the core of her professional ethos is an unwavering commitment to enhancing patient experience. Drawing from her 6 years of experience in the beauty industry, Annie is dedicated to ensuring that patients not only walk away happy with their results but also embark on a warm, informative, enriching experience towards their personal aesthetic goals.

Practice manager Annies professional headshot for noir medical aesthetics in Carlsbad Village

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