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What the heck is PRF?

You’ve heard probably heard of microneedling with PRP, or heard of the ‘Vampire Facial’. Now the real question is, have you heard of PRF? We get questions non-stop when people look at our menu about what PRF is, and what the benefits are of using PRF as a topical, or injecting it into the skin.

Let’s go over the first biggest different between the two; PRF is platelet rich fibrin, and PRP is platelet rich plasma. We do not use PRP because PRF has better healing benefits from the fibrinogen molecules. We will use PRF as a topical when doing a microneedling treatment, as an injectable (when paired with our EZ GEL), or to inject into the scalp for hair restoration. There overall are more growth factors in PRF than there are in PRP as well. PRF is used not only for healing benefits, but also assists in stimulating stem cells which in turn will help with collagen production and skin elasticity.

PRF is a natural substance that comes from your blood, once we draw your blood it is spun in a machine called a centrifuge for five minutes to separate the PRF from the red blood cells. What PRF can be used for is to:

  • Improve the appearance of under-eye darkness

  • Improve the appearance of mild pigment on the skin

  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stimulate skin healing post procedure

  • Re-awaken hair follicles from recent hair loss

The severity of the area needing treatment will reflect the number of sessions needed, this is something that can be discussed with our nurse practitioner during a consultation.


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